Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HillJillys MTB Ride:
Boggs! Saturday, March 20th, 10:00am

In preparation for Boggs V the first weekend of April, Cheryl is leading a HillJillys preride up at Cobb Mountain this weekend. If you've never tasted the sweet singletrack that crisscrosses the Boggs State Demonstration Forest, you're in for a real treat.

Carpooling is in order for this lil' adventure, so RSVPs are a good idea for putting together rideshares. The group will meet in the first Boggs parking area on Saturday, March 20th, for a 10am ride start (and carpools will prolly meet around 8:30am in the Sonoma County environs). While all HillJillys rides are no-drop and Boggs is pretty gentle for the newbies, the pace and amount of singletrack will make this one an intermediate level ride. Be sure you're comfortable on the sweet & narrow and have at least a wee bit of fitness under your belt. And Boggs is a fair bit higher up, so be prepared for cooler temperatures.

Need directions? Start with this map.

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