Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HillJillys Road Ride:
Saturday, April 2nd, 9:30am

The skies have cleared, spring has sprung, the world is coming up roses...

Seriously: those days and days and DAYS of rain, they were starting to wear thin. It's gonna feel awfully good to get back out there and soak up the sun from two wheels. Kristy is leading out a Chalk Hill ride, starting out of Esposti Park (at Old Redwood Hwy and Shiloh) on Saturday. Meet at 9:30am. RSVPs appreciated. 'Tis a no-drop ride: all are welcome, and no one left behind!

P.S. There's a fair contingent of HillJillys heading up to Boggs for the Bike Monkey 8-hour mountain bike race. If you find yourself out there, be sure to holler some support!

P.P.S. Yup, still a handful of HillJillys tshirts left, only ten bucks. Just say the word if you'd like one!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

HillJillys Road Ride:
Saturday, March 12th, 9:30am

Hallelujah! We were in danger of missing yet another week, but Kristy to the rescue...

Feels like the perfect weather for a bakery ride! We'll meet at the Flying Goat in Santa Rosa and head out to Wild Flour in Freestone. RSVPs appreciated.

Meet at 9:30am on Saturday. As usual, beginner-friendly, everyone welcome, and no one left behind! And Kristy is made of sugar: if there's even a hint of rain, she'll melt--rain cancels!