Monday, September 10, 2012

HillJillys MTB Ride + Ice Cream Social + Gear Swap!: Saturday, September 15th, 9:30am

We've got something special planned for post-ride this week: ICE CREAM & GEAR SWAP! Yes, indeed, you read that right. We'll meet at the usual time for a mountain bike ride in Annadel, and then mosey over to Megan's house afterwards for an ice cream social and gear swap. HOORAY! 

Need to know: 
- Megan is an ice cream maker extraordinaire and is concocting the deliciousness by hand. Oh my. 
- You can bring your favorite ice cream toppings or other appetizer-y snack. 
- Is your closet/garage/basement/attic hiding a pile of cycling clothes or parts that you don't use? Go get it and bring it. We'll have a swap for trading; if you've been needing more cycling clothes for your growing cycling habit, but money is tight, you might be able to score something new-to-you for your fix. (If you're going to take but not bring, a cash donation would be swell.) 
- You can bring bike parts & exercise-y gear, too, and if you have something you want to move--but not for free--you can add a price tag and try to sell it to a fellow HillJilly. 
- You don't have to do the ride to do the social. If you can't make the ride, join us at Megan's house at 1pm. 

For the ride, meet on Channel Drive at 9:30am on Saturday, at the bottom of Cobblestone. If you're coming only to the social, RSVP here and we'll message you the address. Hope to see you!

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Richard C. Lambert said...

You're kidding, right? Imagine the evil that can be perpetrated by the al Queida if they had access to my rocky road! Barbara Castleberry