Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HillJillys MTB Ride:
Saturday, October 15th, 10am

It's true: we're doing back-to-back mountain bike rides, but it's in service of an often expressed desire for a HillJillys ride at Tamarancho. Woohoo! (Promise, we'll go back to the road next week!)

Since we're headed down to Fairfax, we're starting the ride a bit later--10am. Some important things to know about Tamarancho: allow about 2.5 hours to ride and enjoy the loop. If you've never been, know to expect numerous switchbacks and some rocks--but you'll have the Jillys on hand to help with tips and pointers to get you through them. If your Saturday is flexible, allow some time afterwards for a brew at the pub!

Tamarancho requires a pass for access; day passes are $5. You can purchase them online in advance or at bike shops in town.

C'mon out!

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